European accreditation of Pediatric Allergology Training Centres

European accreditation of Pediatric Allergology Training Centres

General Information

The centres interested in obtaining the Accreditation as European Training Centre in Paediatric Allergology (PA) can find the requirements they must fulfil in the European training program on PA approved by SP-EACCI/ETC-PA and the EAP-UEMS (European Academy of Paediatrics, Paediatric Section of the Union of European Medical Specialists).

This document describes the UEMS approved European Training Requirements (ETRs) for PA, specifying the syllabus that should be followed within training, also addressing standards expected from trainees, trainers and training centres
The certification process will be conducted according to UEMS/EAP rules, namely the European Training Centre Visitation Program for Tertiary Care Paediatric Specialities designed by the European Board of Paediatrics of UEMS/EAP.


Applications should be submitted to the European Training Committee in Paediatric Allergology (ETC-PA) Chairman and Secretary, via the national delegate to ETC-PA.

Chairman of ETC-PA, Arne Høst, Odense:
Secretary of ETC-PA, José Lopes dos Santos, Porto:

- The initiative to apply should be by the centre in cooperation with the National Society of Paediatric Allergology and coordinated by the national representative to ETC-PA.
- The application should be written by the head of the centre.
- The Centre should fill a Centre Assessment Questionnaire and the trainees should be asked to fill specific data collection forms.
- The visitation agenda should be outlined in collaboration between the Centre and the visitation team.

Certified Paediatric Allergy Training Centers in Europe

SP-EAACI and ETC-PA have produced a European list of certified training centres, that is intended to be an important tool for orientation and information of potential trainees. It is hoped that this will help stimulate the development of better structured training centres in various countries and locations.

List of centres that have obtained the Certification of Paediatric Allergy Training Centers:

Corporacio Parc Tauli
Servei de Medicina Pediatrica
Pneumologia, Al•lergia i Immunologia Clinica Pediatrica
Av. Parc Tauli, 1. 08208 Sabadell (Barcelona). Spain
Dr. Montserrat Bosque
Dr. Laura Valdesoiro

Hospital General Universitario
Unidad de Alergia
Av. Tres Cruces, n. 4. 46014-Valencia. Spain
Tel: +34961972000 (extension 52287)
Fax: +34961972307
Dr. Antonio Martorell

Hospital Infantil La Fe
Departamento de Salud Materno-Infantil
Unidad de Neumologia y Alergia Pediatrica
Bulevar Sur s/n. 46026-Valencia. Spain
Tel: +34961244378
Fax: +34961246216
Dr. Angel Mazon

Hospital Sant Joan de Deu
S. Inmunoalergia
P. Sant Joan de Deu n. 2
08950 Esplugues de Llobregat, Barcelona. Spain
Tel: +34932804000
Fax: +34932033595
Dr. Montserrat Álvaro

Hospital Universitario Cruces
Servicio de Pediatría
Sección de Alergia e Inmunología Clínica
Plaza de Cruces s/n. 48903 Barakaldo (Bizkaia). Spain
Tel: +34946006570 +3494606571
Dr. Leire Dopazo    

Karolinska University Hospital
Astrid Lindgren Children’s Hospital
Paediatric Allergology Unit Q2:04
(Child and Adolescent Allergology)
SE-171 76 Stockholm
Tel: +46851770000
Fax: +46851777739
Professor Gunilla Hedlin

Linkoping University Hospital
Paediatric Allergology Unit/ Ostergotland
Allergy Centre and Department of Paediatrics
SE- 581 85 Linkoping. Sweden
Tel.: +46101034781, +46101031320
Fax: +46101034773
Assistant Professor Lennart Nilsson
E-mail :

Queen Silvia Children’s Hospital
Department of Paediatrics
Paediatric Allergy & Pulmonary Unit
SE- 416 85 Gothenburg. Sweden
Tel.: +46313434000
Fax: +46313434760
Assistant Professor Bill Hesselmar

Stockholm South General Hospital
Sachs/ Children and Youth Hospital
Pediatric Allergy/Lung Department
SE-118 83 Stockholm. Sweden
Tel.: +4686164000
Assistant Professor Gunnar Lilja

Umea University hospital
Department of Paediatrics
Paediatric Allergology Unit
SE-901 85 Umea. Sweden
Fax: +46907851717
Dr. Anna Winberg

Uppsala University Hospital (Akademiska sjukhuset)
Department of Women’s and Children’s Health
Paediatric Allergology Unit
(Child and Adolescent Allergology)
SE-753 30 Uppsala. Sweden
Fax: +46186115853
Professor Lennart Nordvall

Centro Hospitalar Universitário Lisboa Norte, Hospital de Santa Maria
Department of Paediatrics
Paediatric Allergy Unit
Avenida Professor Egas Moniz,
1649-028, Lisboa, Portugal
Tel.: +351 217 805 060
Fax: 217 805 637
Professor Ana Margarida Neves