17 - 21 June 2017
Helsinki, Finland

Abstract & Scholarships

Abstract Topics

Please find below the list of Abstract Topics

1    Asthma
1.1.    Asthma: animal studies
1.2.    Asthma: biomarkers
1.3.    Asthma: education
1.4.    Asthma: epidemiology (adult)
1.5.    Asthma: genetics
1.7.    Asthma: immunopathology
1.8.    Asthma: inflammational
1.9.    Asthma: management
1.10.    Asthma: mechanisms

2    Dermatology
2.1.    Atopic dermatitis and other skin conditions: management
2.2.    Atopic dermatitis and other skin conditions: mechanisms
2.3.    Contact allergic dermatitis
2.4.    Hereditary angioedema
2.5.    Urticaria and angioedema: diagnosis
2.6.    Urticaria and angioedema: epidemiology
2.7.    Urticaria and angioedema: management
2.8.    Urticaria and angioedema: mechanisms
2.9.    Latex allergy

3    Drug allergy
3.1.    Drug allergy: clinical aspects
3.2.    Drug allergy: diagnosis
3.3.    Drug allergy: epidemiology
3.4.    Drug allergy: management
3.5.    Drug allergy: mechanisms

4    Eosinophilic Esophagitis
4.1.    Eosinophilic Esophagitis

5    ENT
5.1.    Diagnosis and management of rhinitis
5.2.    Epidemiology of rhinitis and conjunctivitis
5.3.    Pathophysiology and mechanisms
5.4.    Rhinosinusitis and nasal polyps

6    Food allergy
6.1.    Food allergy: diagnosis
6.2.    Food allergy: epidemiology
6.3.    Food allergy: management
6.4.    Food allergy: mechanisms
6.5.    Gastrointestinal immunology and allergy

7    Immunology
7.1.    Adaptive immunity
7.2.    Allergic immune response
7.3.    Autoimmunity
7.4.    Immunodeficiency
7.5.    Innate immunity and complement
7.6.    Other basic immunology
7.7.    Allergic inflammation, mast cells, eosinophils and basophils
7.8.    Allergens: characterisation (new allergens)
7.9.    Mechanisms

8    Immunotherapy
8.1.    Immunotherapy (clinical)
8.2.    Immunotherapy mechanisms
8.3.    Immunotherapy vaccines

9    Occupational allergy
9.1.    Occupational allergy
9.2.    Occupational asthma and rhinitis

10    Pediatrics
10.1.   Pediatric allergy
10.2.   Pediatric food allergy
10.3.   Pediatric asthma and rhinitis
10.4.   Pediatric cutaneous and drug allergy
10.5.   Pediatric: epidemiology

11    Air pollution and environmental allergies
11.1.    Air pollution
11.2.    Airborne allergens
11.3.    Allergy and tobacco smoke and other environmental factors

12    Ocular allergy
12.1.    Ocular allergy

13    Insect venom
13.1.    Hymenoptera allergy

14    Functional genomics and proteomics/systems biology/personalised medicine
14.1.    Functional genomics and proteomics/systems biology/personalised medicine
14.2.    Immunogenetics and immunogenomics

15    Allergy prevention and risk factors
15.1.    Allergy epidemiology, prevention and risk factors

16    Infection and allergy
16.1.    Infection and allergy
16.2.    Microbiomes: epithelial, respiratory and gastrointestinal

17    Allergy Diagnosis
17.1.    Laboratory tests for allergy
17.2.    Molecular allergology
17.3.    Allergens: diagnosis

18    Biologicals
18.1.    Biologics

19    Comparative and veterinary allergology
19.1.    Comparative and veterinary allergology

20    Primary Care
20.1.    Primary Care

21    Sports in allergy and asthma
21.1.    Sports in allergy and asthma

22    Training and Education
22.1.    Nurses’ and dieticians’ role in the diagnosis and management of allergy
22.2.    Quality of Life and patient-reported outcomes in allergy

23    Primary Immunodeficiency
23.1.    Primary Immunodeficiency

24         Anaphylaxis
24.1        Anaphylaxis in food allergy
24.1        Anaphylaxis in drug allergy
24.1        Anaphylaxis in insect venom allergy
24.1        Idiopathic and other anaphylactic reactions

25    Miscellaneous
25.1.    Miscellaneous

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